Chubby’s Fox Chase Deli

Come in and get a Chubby!

Dietz & Watson products and a wide variety of $4.99 and under meats.

Chubby’s Signature Hoagie

“The O.G, Italian”

This Combination of Hoagie perfection has all the elements that make Philadelphia World Renowned for it Sandwiches. Ham Capicolla, Pepperoni, Genowa Salami & Sharp Provolone Placed on our Sesame-Seed French loaf, Which is delivered fresh daily from Licio’s, The finest bakery on the East Coast, Lathered with Mayo & Oil, placed with out fresh Lettuce, Tomatoes & Onions. Soooooo Deeeee-licious!

Chubby’s Fox Chase Deli                                                                                                               537 Hoffnagle Street                                                                                                                           Philadelphia, PA 19111                                                                                                                         215-742-3611

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