Two Hilarious "Fake" 30 for 30 Trailers

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Ten "Stay Away" Players

Here’s my list of 10 players that should not be on your team this year. I do not hate all these guys, just where they are being selected.

10. Brett Favre– No Sydney Rice is huge and you have to be terrified of Percy’s migraines.  The schedule is much more difficult this year, his ankle is a concern, bad karma, and Brad Childress is still the head coach.

9. Drew Brees– Madden curse and Super Bowl hangover aside, he is currently being drafted in the top 7 which is too high. Much rather have Schaub or Romo four rounds later.

8. DeAngelo Williams– He is a beast, but 14th overall is too high for a guy in a 50/50 time-share on an average team. I like him but I’d rather have Stewart in round 4.

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Opening Weekend at PSU

Stop Bitchin’. We’re sorry. It was a slow day today as far as blogging goes, but what a great day it was. Today marked the first college football Saturday of the season, and for us at Penn State, that means business.

730am wake up. All day festivities, and no one does it better than Penn State. It’s total fuckin’ mayhem. Everyone is drunk. It doesn’t matter how old you are, 8 or 80…you’re hammered. It’s indescribable. Every single time I walk into Beaver Stadium I get goosebumps. 110,000 crazies in complete harmony. Girls get lifted in the air after every touchdown, for every point. The fast wave, the slow wave. Singing every song with honor and tradition. It’s Beautiful. It’s something everyone should experience at least once, because it truly is the greatest show in college football.

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Presbyterian Proves They Have Balls

Now, I have seen many trick plays in my lifetime, but I have never seen anything like what Presbyterian pulled off Thursday night against Wake Forest. Presbyterian ended up losing the game 53-13, but after you watch this play, you’ll understand why no one gives a shit.

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One Click Wonders

Jessica Biel loves One Click Wonders

While we’re busy bringing the heat over here at Stool Philly, we come across tons of shit that we think is worth sharing. Introducing our “One Click Wonders” of the day. Enjoy..

If your not ready for tomorrow, read this. Quick guide to tailgating. [BroBible]

Female Soldiers being badass. [TheBrigade]

My boy Wiz Khalifa’s new single, Yellow & Black. Don’t say we never shout out Pittsburgh. [Youtube]

10 Stupid things guys do to impress girls. [AskMen]

Five reasons studying abroad will change your life. [CampusSocialite]

Bill Simmons rates the NFL quarterbacks based on war movies. Hooah! [ESPN]

Kelly Osbourne is the newest addition to the Pussy Cat Dolls? Yuck. [Guyism]

This is extremely useful. 5 Ways to hack your brain into Awesomeness. [Cracked]

A college ASS collage! [Busted Coverage]

Which college has the hottest girls? [BroBible]

4 Easiest places to get laid, besides Vegas. [OnCampusDrama]

Have any content you would like to see posted? Any funny clips, stories, or pictures? Hit us up at

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The 3 Hottest Women You Probably Never Heard Of

Alana Blanchard

Ines Sainz Gallo

Daniella Sarahyba

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Phils Come Home After Successful Road Trip

If you’re not excited about the Phils by now, you don’t have a pulse. The team is finally healthy, and coming off a 6-1 road trip against SD, LA, and Colorado, including possibly the biggest win of the season. CBP should be bumpin’ tonight, as the Phils come home for a weekend series with the brew crew. If you’re goin’ down to the stadium tonight, let the boys know how excited we are.


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