Fantasy Football

Ten “Must Have” Players

Here’s a list of ten guys who you might not be sure of for a variety of reasons, but guys I think you should NOT pass on (no particular order).

10. Jamaal Charles RB, Kansas City

All I hear is Thomas Jones, Thomas Jones. Bla bla bla. Charles starting getting double digit carries last year in week 10. His numbers from week 10-week 17: 968 yards rushing, 7tds (he also had a received td). The man is fast. How fast? Heard of YAC right (yards after contact)? Well Charles lead the league in YBC, yards before contact last season. Charles averaged 3.42 yards a carry before anyone touched him! He’s that good.

9. Jacoby Jones WR, Houston

If I told you Houston has a WR that is 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, and runs a 4.5 40 yards dash, and then I told you the guy I am talking about is not Andre Johnson, but rather Jacoby Jones (Johnson runs a 4.3, wow). Yea, he’s a freak.

8. Laurent Robinson WR, St. Louis

Another big athletic receiver. Look, the rams suck, I get that. But Bradford looks pretty good, and someone has to catch the balls. I liked Robinson before Donnie Avery got hurt, now add Avery’s injury to the equation, Robinson is definitely worth a late round gamble.

7. Mike Wallace WR, Pittsburgh

Hines is still there, and he is still good. But he is old. He is no longer a deep threat. Take Santonio Holmes out as well, and you have Wallace as the clear #2 WR, and the lone deep threat in Pittsburgh.

6. Tony Romo QB, Dallas

Last year, Romo quietly threw for 4, 483 yards and 26 TD’s. Let’s add Miles Austin at his best for a full season, Dez Bryant, healthy RBs, and a good O-line. Oh, I forgot Jason Witten. As much as I hate to say it, Dallas is pretty good.

5. Pierre Garcon WR, Indianapolis

He came on real strong last year, and was dominant in the super bowl. He looks great in preseason, and Wayne is getting older (even though you can’t tell). Manning spreads the ball out, and Garcon is their clear #2 WR.

4. Bernard Berrian WR, Minnesota

Favre is back. He’s annoying, but he’s good. Rice is out for 6-8 weeks, and Harvin can’t stay healthy either. Yeah they just picked up Walker and Carmillo, but Berrian knows the system. He’s the best fantasy vikings WR this season.

3. Derrick Mason WR, Baltimore

Every year, it’s the same thing with this guy. No one wants him. He’s too old, or too slow. If you haven’t learned it yet, Derrick Mason is a top 20 WR in the NFL. Add Anquan Boldin to take some of the pressure of him, and more confidence and experience for Joe Flacco, Mason will not disappoint.

2. Frank Gore RB, San Francisco

Everyone is worried about this guy getting hurt. He only missed two games last year, and still accumulated 1,120 yards and 10tds. Now the offense has a full year under its belt, and they will win their division this season. Gore is a top 5 fantasy RB.

1. Wes Welker WR, New England

110+ catches each of the last three seasons, and he missed two games last year! His looks great in the preseason, and he’s ready to go. Don’t doubt Wes.


Ten “Stay Away” Players

Here’s my list of 10 players that should not be on your team this year. I do not hate all these guys, just where they are being selected.

10. Brett Favre- No Sydney Rice is huge and you have to be terrified of Percy’s migraines.  The schedule is much more difficult this year, his ankle is a concern, bad karma, and Brad Childress is still the head coach.

9. Drew Brees- Madden curse and Super Bowl hangover aside, he is currently being drafted in the top 7 which is too high. Much rather have Schaub or Romo four rounds later.

8. DeAngelo Williams- He is a beast, but 14th overall is too high for a guy in a 50/50 time-share on an average team. I like him but I’d rather have Stewart in round 4.

7. Matt Forte- His offensive line is horrible, and I doubt Cutler checks down to him like Orton did his rookie season. Also, Chester Taylor will get a lot of touches.

6. Cedric Benson- I’m down on most Bengals this year. Carson looked awful down the stretch last year and Bernard Scott is very talented behind him. Too risky for me.

5. Knowshon Moreno- It is a mistake to draft Knowshon with the assumption that he is going to be “the guy”.  Josh McDaniels is Belichick bred and you know how he is with his running backs. Knowshon is injured, not that explosive, and will probably lose a lot of touches to Correll Buckhalter or some shmuck you never heard of.

4. Beanie Wells- In ESPN standard leagues, he is currently going 33rd overall right ahead of Steve Smith (Car), Pierre Thomas, and Tony Romo. That’s crazy for a guy with injury concerns, a timeshare, a bad o-line and Derek Anderson! I think he is a good player, but he is currently going at least 20 picks too high

3. Larry Fitzgerald- I think Derek Anderson is better for Fitz than Leinart, but he is still Derek Anderson. Don’t expect top 5 WR production, which is where you have to take him.

2. Chad OchoCinco- In the offseason he tweeted that he was willing to be the Robin to TO’s Batman. You know TO is gonna need his balls, they added Gresham and Shipley, Carson may be shot, and I don’t know how good Ocho still is. In 15 games last season, he caught only 72 balls with 19 catches coming in 2 games against Detroit and Chicago.  That’s an average of only 4 receptions per game in the remaining 13 games!

1. Steven Jackson- Don’t get me wrong he is a great player, but I’m not spending a first round pick on a 27 year old with a lot of miles, coming off a season where he touched the ball 375 times.

-Wayne Kretzky


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