One Click Wonders

Kelly Brook loves One Click Wonders

While we’re busy bringing the heat over here at Stool Philly, we come across tons of shit that we think is worth sharing. Introducing our “One Click Wonders” of the day. Enjoy..

Top 12 College football tailgating spots. Happy Valley represent! [HuffingtonPost]

2 BFF’s get absolutely destroyed by the audience on Britain’s Got Talent. Try not to cringe. [DailyWhat]

Troy Polamalu got his hair insured for 1 million dollars, inspires other insurance ideas. [ESPN]

40 mistakes men make while having sex. Take notes,fellas. [Coed]

Top 10 Signs she’ll be a bad mother. [AskMen]

A compilation of Facebook fails. Your welcome. [Lamebook]

Teenager accidently texts cop for weed, faints when sheriff shows up instead of dealer. [Yahoo]

Dodgers pitcher plays catch with fans. [ESPN]

Is Kim Kardashian the hottest woman alive? [AskMen]

Top 5 Eagles Coaches of all-time. [CSNPhilly]


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