5 Girls You Should Hook Up With in College…

…or at least try.

So if you read the article [this one], then you should have a pretty good idea who not to talk to at a party.  So who should you hit on?  The answer is fucking everybody else.  Why not? As long as they’re at a party, they’re practically begging for it right? But there are those specific girls that will make for an extra good time.  The kind that will have you remembering her even when you’re with the next girl.

5. The Cheerleader– Long before you knew how your dick worked, you knew you liked cheerleaders. They used to have a monopoly on my thoughts when I was younger and they were always the cutest girls on TV. Now, I love them for much more practical reasons.  Yeah they’re still fucking hot, but they’re also super flexible and they know how to move.  They would give your cock the ride of its life.  Another perk is social status.  These girls take your cock up a few pegs on the social ladder and boost your confidence for other pieces.

4. The Experienced Freshman- Freshman are a weird choice on the menu when you’re looking to get a late night taste.  They come in two distinct kinds, experienced and inexperienced, but right now we’re talking about the ones who know what they’re doing.  These girls are almost perfect. None of your boys have hit yet, and they’re looking for that college cock ice-breaker.  Whether they learned it from they’re high school boyfriend or they were the slut of their town, these girl are looking to please and will do anything in their power to make sure you have a good night.

3. The Out of Towner- Your friend is having girls  from her home town come visit and she swears they’re cute.  Like almost everything girls say, you take this as bullshit, but she won’t quit so you agree to meet them.  You meet the first two dragons and start thinking that this is gonna be a dry night.. until you see girl number three.  Fucking slamming.  You know what you’re doing the rest of the night.  These girls are great for one reason: tomorrow they’ll be hours away and you’ll be free from any awkward encounters.  The further away she’ll be tomorrow, the better.  I’m talking different time zones.  It’s the ultimate commitment-less fuck.

2. The Freak- These girls aren’t for the inexperienced.  She has climbed so much pole, she’s starting to get a nose bleed.  Any beginner needs to yield to a more experienced cocksman.  The freak isn’t too hard to spot, if you know what you’re looking for.  Chances are she’s the one shaking her hips a little bit in the corner, not cause she wants you to see, but cause she can’t help it.  Even when you talk to her, she drops subtle hints.  Maybe she’ll make a comment about what your cock may taste like, or maybe she’ll just ask you right away to leave.  Either way, she knows what she wants, and you can guarantee she’s gonna get it.  But be careful, this girl will fuck your dick off, almost literally.

1. The Newly Single Slampiece- There’s always one girl you know whose fucking slamming and in a relationship with some douche bag.  You know you could get it if it weren’t for that dude, so you just bide your time.  Sooner or later they break up and it’s time to swoop in.  She’s on the rebound and you’re the first on the list of dicks that need polishing.  Whether she just wants to make her ex jealous, or she’s trying to get over him, your dick has the remedy to all her problems.  She tops our this list because she’s never gonna be too clingy, she’s hot as tits, and has had plenty of practice over the last couple months. We rest our case.

Any girls we forgot? Let us know in the comments.


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