NFL Redzone

If you have Comcast, you need to buy the NFL Redzone package. It’s $6.95/month! It’s like buying happiness for $7. When I asked how much, and they said $6.95, I said, “That’s it? Are you sure you don’t want more money?!”

NFL Redzone is one channel, where one douche bag guy, goes from NFL game to NFL game, showing every redzone play across the NFL. It’s incredible. If you play fantasy football, or like to bet on the games (pretty much if you have a penis), this is simply a MUST have. It’s like food. You fuckin’ need it. When the eagles have a bye, that’s fine, I put on NFL Redzone all day, and get to watch every single scoring play live. Phenomenal.

Recently, on the 610WIP (Philly radio station) mid-day show, former birds special teams guru, Ike Reese, said that the NFL Redzone package is one of the greatest inventions ever. I couldn’t agree more. He’s dead on. If there’s anything to trust me on, trust me on this : BUY the NFL Redzone package. It’s the greatest $7 you will spend.


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