The Tuesday Throwdown Showdown

Marisa Miller


Adriana Lima

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Pacific Sun Cruise Ship Gets Wrecked By Stormy Seas

This CCVT Footage of a cruise ship getting mangled by rough seas is unreal. Makes you think twice before spending all types of money on a cruise. I guess sometimes Mother Nature really is a bitch. Hope everyone was alright. Holy shit.

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5 Girls You Should Hook Up With in College…

…or at least try.

So if you read the article [this one], then you should have a pretty good idea who not to talk to at a party.  So who should you hit on?  The answer is fucking everybody else.  Why not? As long as they’re at a party, they’re practically begging for it right? But there are those specific girls that will make for an extra good time.  The kind that will have you remembering her even when you’re with the next girl.

5. The Cheerleader– Long before you knew how your dick worked, you knew you liked cheerleaders. They used to have a monopoly on my thoughts when I was younger and they were always the cutest girls on TV. Now, I love them for much more practical reasons.  Yeah they’re still fucking hot, but they’re also super flexible and they know how to move.  They would give your cock the ride of its life.  Another perk is social status.  These girls take your cock up a few pegs on the social ladder and boost your confidence for other pieces.

4. The Experienced Freshman- Freshman are a weird choice on the menu when you’re looking to get a late night taste.  They come in two distinct kinds, experienced and inexperienced, but right now we’re talking about the ones who know what they’re doing.  These girls are almost perfect. None of your boys have hit yet, and they’re looking for that college cock ice-breaker.  Whether they learned it from they’re high school boyfriend or they were the slut of their town, these girl are looking to please and will do anything in their power to make sure you have a good night.

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One Click Wonders

Kelly Brook loves One Click Wonders

While we’re busy bringing the heat over here at Stool Philly, we come across tons of shit that we think is worth sharing. Introducing our “One Click Wonders” of the day. Enjoy..

Top 12 College football tailgating spots. Happy Valley represent! [HuffingtonPost]

2 BFF’s get absolutely destroyed by the audience on Britain’s Got Talent. Try not to cringe. [DailyWhat]

Troy Polamalu got his hair insured for 1 million dollars, inspires other insurance ideas. [ESPN]

40 mistakes men make while having sex. Take notes,fellas. [Coed]

Top 10 Signs she’ll be a bad mother. [AskMen]

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Revis Island Returns


NEW YORK — After a seven-month stalemate often marked by acrimony, the New York Jets and holdout cornerback Darrelle Revis agreed in principle Sunday night on a new contract, the team announced early Monday morning. “I’m coming home baby!!! Revis Island. Let’s Go,” Revis tweeted shortly after midnight. Revis will sign a four-year contract, GM Mike Tannenbaum announced. He declined to discuss the amount, but a source said it’s a $46 million deal, including $32 million in various guarantees. Under his old contract, Revis was due to make $21 million over the next three years, all of which was guaranteed until he didn’t show up for training camp, voiding the guarantee. After a long holdout that resulted in $578,305 in fines, Revis secured $11 million in additional guarantees while committing an extra year to the team

This has to be one of the most successful hold outs of all time. The man was supposed to earn $21 million guaranteed over the next three years, but decided to hold out for seven damn months, to finally accept a new deal, for one more year, and $11 million more guaranteed. I mean, holdouts are ridiculous, but Revis just created the model for future holdouts. Revis is back, and everyone is happy now. The Jets got their guy back, the fans got their guy back, HBO has some good TV for their season finale, Revis got his money and got to miss training camp and preseason, and the media got a story out of it. Well done, Darrelle, well done.


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NFL Redzone

If you have Comcast, you need to buy the NFL Redzone package. It’s $6.95/month! It’s like buying happiness for $7. When I asked how much, and they said $6.95, I said, “That’s it? Are you sure you don’t want more money?!”

NFL Redzone is one channel, where one douche bag guy, goes from NFL game to NFL game, showing every redzone play across the NFL. It’s incredible. If you play fantasy football, or like to bet on the games (pretty much if you have a penis), this is simply a MUST have. It’s like food. You fuckin’ need it. When the eagles have a bye, that’s fine, I put on NFL Redzone all day, and get to watch every single scoring play live. Phenomenal.

Recently, on the 610WIP (Philly radio station) mid-day show, former birds special teams guru, Ike Reese, said that the NFL Redzone package is one of the greatest inventions ever. I couldn’t agree more. He’s dead on. If there’s anything to trust me on, trust me on this : BUY the NFL Redzone package. It’s the greatest $7 you will spend.

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